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How We Work With You

Our team will work with you to help you get where you want to be. It is our top priority to meet the unique objectives and financial goals of individuals and families like yours. Together we will seek to find the investment strategy that's right for you. Our team is dedicated to finding your appropriate investment objectives while providing excellent, personalized service.

The following steps are taken to ensure that your needs are met:

  • We will analyze where you are now. Determine your needs, expectations, and goals, including your time horizon, tolerance for risk, and need for income. 
  • Prepare a financial strategy designed to achieve your goals.
  • Explain the strategy to ensure you are comfortable and understand it.
  • Implement the strategy and make recommendations as opportunities present themselves.
  • Meet periodically to review life changing events and if necessary, make changes to your financial strategy.

Investments alone do not make a financial plan. Your investments cannot guarantee an income in the event of chronic illness or disability. A comprehensive financial plan accounts for not only what you see ahead of your growth, but also for the unforeseen.

Insurance, long-term care, trust and estate planning are all important aspects of any well thought out financial plan. Working with resources at Baird, as well as your own outside advisors, we can assist you in being prepared for the future.